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Buying property in Dubai

Arian Abneyeh Sahar buy and sell property in residential, office, commercial, recreation and tourism, and payments in cash and banking facilities with different Mtrazhhay (Suite 50-meter, 90-meter one-bedroom apartment, 120-meter two-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom villa, villa three-bedroom, four-bedroom villa ...) and very stylish in different areas of Dubai (Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Lake Tower, Business Bay, Downtown, Springs, Jumeirah Vylyj, sports City ...) and permanent residence and registration at your service our customers.

Please read the following carefully and if you decide to invest, please contact us for more information at your disposal and the need for contracts to be expressed.

  • Propery Price
  • Transfer fee
  • Document
  • Gallery

Property Prices

The purchase price of property in Dubai in 2016 and taking into account any AED 960 Toman

The price based on property type and area
Property TypeAEDMillion Toman

Dubai Marina

Suites - 50 m850.000816
xxx - 90 m1.600.0001530
xxx - 120 m2.400.0002304

Jumeirah Lakes Towers

Suites - 50 m700.000672
1 Bedroom - 90 m1.200.0001150
1 Bedroom - 120 m1.600.0001556

Business Bay

Suites - 50 m900.000864
1 Bedroom - 90 m1.500.0001440
2 Bedroom - 120 m2.000.0001920


Suites - 50 m1.100.0001056
1 Bedroom - 90 m1.900.0001824
2 Bedroom - 120 m3.500.0003360

Legal costs, transfer of property in Dubai

  1. NOC, two to five thousand dirhams depending on the manufacturer
  2. 4% transfer fee document
  3. 2% real estate agency commission
  4. Two to four thousand dirhams money transfer offices document

Other costs of buying property in Dubai

  • Costs of buying property in Dubai, the buyer is required to pay such charges and maintenance of the property, the cost of building or tower, garden and green space maintenance costs and any features integrated customer. In some designs, the fixed costs of between 10 and 30 dirhams for square meter per year.
  • Transport costs are other costs of buying property in Dubai. If you buy property in Dubai latter, the owner of about 2 percent to 5 percent of the transaction amount from the buyer demands to negotiate with the seller to pay him his share.
  • The buyer and seller must pay property in Dubai real estate firm that also pay for a percentage of the sale price.

Documents required for the sale of property in Dubai

  1. Document, the Title Deed
  2. Agreement Purchase Agreement to buy from the manufacturer
  3. Copy & Original passport
  4. If the property is provided in the mortgage bank, the bank is required property release tab
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Company Registration in UAE

Register and obtain permanent residency in the United Arabic Emirates

ثبت شرکت در دبی

United Arabic Emirates with impressive economic growth is an important investment destination and many of the world's companies, offices and agencies in the country have launched numerous.

For more information and details the process of registering a company in Dubai, contact us

افتتاح حساب در دبی

Other services in Dubai

  • Opening a bank account in Dubai
  • Lawsuits in Dubai
  • Purchases of automobiles delivery in Tehran or other cities with plaque
  • Rental office in: Umm al-Quwain, Sharjah, Fujairah